Introducing Therasage Far Infrared Sauna treatments! Compliments at A Hilton Salon & Spa now has a far infrared sauna. “Ok so what does that mean?” you might ask. Well there are MAJOR differences in a far infrared sauna and your basic dry sauna.
Most people think you get in a sauna just to sweat. The difference in just sweating and using an infrared sauna is huge! The way it works is it uses far infrared waves of light that penetrate into the body about two inches. Rather than being hot and sweaty, the infrared heats up fat cells, the fat cells expand and release toxins. So it detoxes the body and since fat is obviously stored in fat cells, the infrared pulls fluid or fat right out of those cells according to Dr. Infatino here in PHX. He says you can detox, lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system since it lightly raises your pulse. Better still the infrared sauna is much cooler than a regular dry sauna so it’s far more comfortable.
Book a 30 minute or 45 minute session now by calling: 602-943-0331. Compliments, your neighborhood place for beauty & wellbeing!
 Benefits of a Far Infrared Sauna include:
Weight Loss
Pain Relief
Lower Blood Pressure
Improve Circulation
Skin Purification
Cell Health